Installation of Instream’s newly designed 25kW BAE Systems rotor and generation system in the Roza Canal

On August 13th 2013, Instream Energy Systems deployed their newly designed 25kW BAE Systems rotor and generation system in the Roza Canal operated by the US Bureau of Reclamation (‘USBR’) near Yakima, Washington.

This installation initiates a comprehensive test program lasting 2 ½ years using several Instream turbine systems deployed by installing spanning structures. The spans have been designed so as to prevent contact with the existing canal structure in order to preserve the physical integrity of the canal lining and not interfere with ongoing operations.

Watch the Installation Video
Project Objectives:
  • To demonstrate a secondary use for existing infrastructure;

  • To help extrapolate energy potential calculations as well as inform upcoming calls in the form of federal Requests for Proposals;

  • Showcase that this technology is not detrimental to the existing canal operations and the surrounding environment.

Having successfully completed Phase One of testing, Phase Two planning involving multiple turbines is presently underway. Instream has been working closely with the Bureau of Reclamation during the installation and testing of their technology.

What is involved to install the turbine systems?

The turbine is attached to a spanning structure that is secured to both sides of the canal on concrete foundations. The turbine is permanently attached to the structure. To move the turbine in and out of the water the span is simply rotated.