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Instream announces Andrew Colterjohn as Global VP Revenue Growth and Development


Instream Energy Systems announces Andrew Colterjohn as Global VP Revenue Growth and Development

Vancouver, BC, Canada, November 2021

Dave Dennis, President, and CEO of Instream Energy Systems, a leading hydrokinetic power technology, is pleased to announce that Andrew Colterjohn will become the Global Vice President of Revenue Growth Development.

“Andrew joined our organization in 2019, successfully leveraging his experience and skills in many areas to support the evolving requirements of the business” said Dave Dennis, “and he will play a key role as we move forward. Andrew will ensure that our activities are focused on evaluating opportunity and risk as we proceed with our commercialization strategy.”

Andrew said, ”I am excited to be part of Instream’s commercial development. The opportunities this low-cost renewable technology represent are genuinely disruptive, and I am delighted to be on Instream’s team.”

Andrew joined Instream with over seven years of investment banking experience, where he focused on natural resources and equity capital markets. Added to this experience, Andrew co-founded a digital platform where honed his leadership and enterprise skills. Andrew will assume his new role immediately.

About Instream Energy Systems

Instream Energy Systems is a developer of hydrokinetic power systems and tidal generation projects. Instream works with strategic partners, licensees, and stakeholders to deliver turbines for tidal and inland waterway projects. Since its inception in 2008, Instream, a Canadian company, together with strategic and design partner BAE Systems, has developed a patented high-efficiency vertical axis turbine and demonstrated its viability at projects in North America, the EU, and the UK.

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