World’s First Full-Scale VAHT Pilot Project in a Discharge Channel

The Duncan Dam located near Kaslo, British Columbia is a reservoir dam with no hydroelectric production and a current velocity of approximately 2 metres per second.


Collaborating with one of Canada’s largest electric utilities, BC Hydro, and their clean energy subsidiary, Powertech Labs, Instream deployed a prototype array of four 25kW turbines proving VAHT technology was possible in a dam discharge channel or “tailrace.”

Pilot Objectives:
  • Demonstrate VAHT technology as a viable technology in a dam tailrace setting

  • Collect and analyze turbine performance and waterway impact in single and multi-unit arrays

Pilot results at conclusion in April 2010:
  • Successfully demonstrated VAHT technology

  • Successfully collected significant dataset used in the creation of new BAE Systems rotor and array designs

  • Produced a third-party report providing insight into real-world operations of the technology