Instream Energy Systems is a pioneering developer of hydrokinetic systems for near shore tidal and inland applications offering renewable energy that is predictable and reliable. 


The Company’s scalable vertical axis hydrokinetic turbines (VAHTs) efficiently convert the kinetic energy in moving water into cost-competitive, renewable electricity with minimal environmental impact.

Instream develops hydrokinetic turbines for deployment in multiple markets.

Instream Introduction


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Instream’s vision is to lead the industry in hydrokinetic solutions for near-shore tidal and inland waterways.


Instream works with local partners, project developers and stakeholders to deliver turbines for  renewable power generation projects  in communities of all sizes.


Instream is proud to be contributing to the creation of a sustainable, secure and clean energy future.


Since its inception, Instream has developed an advanced market knowledge, a strong pipeline of potential commercial sales, and key strategic technology relationships. Instream, with design partner BAE Systems, has developed a patent-pending high efficiency hydrokinetic turbine and demonstrated its viability in projects with major waterway owners and utilities such as BC Hydro and the US Bureau of Reclamation (USBR).


Instream was founded in 2008 by Ken Miller. Ken is the President and visionary behind the Company and provides hands-on direction to its operations. He is dedicated to building a clean energy future as demonstrated by his constant advocacy for the adoption of our innovative technology. His relentless work attracted experts from the renewable energy sector enabling him to craft an all-star management team with over 60 years of combined industry experience.


In 2008, Instream developed a strategic relationship with BAE Systems (BAE), a global defense, aerospace and security company employing over 88,000 people worldwide. This strategic relationship resulted in a technology partnership agreement that enables Instream to leverage BAE’s significant capabilities in hydrodynamics, maritime systems, information technology, system modelling and design. Design work with BAE has led to a 71% increase in turbine efficiency.


In 2009/ 2010 Instream worked closely with BC Hydro, to develop a project at the Duncan Dam in B.C. BC Hydro provided access to the Duncan Dam for the purposes of the project and provided support services on a contract basis through Powertech, BC Hydro’s clean energy subsidiary that specializes in clean energy consulting, testing and power solutions. This collaborative project with BC Hydro and BAE Systems enabled Instream to deploy the world’s first array of vertical axis hydrokinetic turbines in a dam outflow channel.


In 2012, Instream began a relationship with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR), which resulted in a multi-year site use agreement for a hydrokinetic demonstration at the Roza Canal. Instream was the first to develop and install a spanning structure and turbine system in an operational canal, and was the first company to receive a multi-year facility-use agreement for a hydrokinetic power project with the USBR. Ongoing research at this facility is being performed in collaboration with Sandia National Labs and aims to develop a tool to accurately predict hydrokinetic impacts to canals.


Instream has established numerous other strategic relationships and collaborations, and has accumulated a wealth of operational data which continues to guide the development of its unique power generation solution. As a result, Instream has been awarded demonstration and pilot sites in multiple jurisdictions.